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AXENT boasts a nationwide network of more than 5,300 km and 300 radio links.

What’s more,  AXENT   AXENT provides customers with the chance to build new specific stretches required for their connection to the existing network, subject to project viability.

The AXENT network has been structured into three levels:

Backbone: long-distance fibre backbone that allows interprovincial services of 100 Gb.

Backhaul: aggregation network on radio and fibre platforms.

Access: final access lines to the customer. Depending on the type of service and capabilities required, the circuit can be implemented via radio or fibre.


AXENT’S current backbone fibre network is based on the gas infrastructure, with a length exceeding 5,300 km and capabilities of up to 100Gb. This network is accessible at any of its points and allows for the creation of new interconnections to areas of interest.


The current radio network has a structure of more than 300 high-capacity digital Ethernet radio links spread principally across the region of Andalusia. The MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) layer supports dynamic traffic management.